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There was screaming. Terrible, deathly screaming. Then there was silence. Someone was dead. It was obvious.

Thursday Morning

My phone sounds — the AirBnb message tone. The Pavlov dog in me has grown to love that tone…

If you’re curious to how much you can make with short-term rentals, here you go. Real numbers, profitability calculations, and more… all during a wild 2020.

The camera definitely knew the right person to focus on…

We spent two weeks in Costa Rica over Christmas. Here’s our detail itinerary, overall cost, and how the trip paid for itself.

How and when to leverage powerful real estate metrics like Return on Equity and IRR to confidently make real estate investments

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  1. You’re not wasting money on your property investments (future or current)
  2. You’re not missing out on, or unnecessarily fearful of, potential…

A clear list of ROI metrics to consider in real estate investing, and how to calculate them… in normal-people speak.

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Focus on the right real estate metrics and you can increase your portfolio value by tens of thousands each year.

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Return on Equity — perhaps the most important real estate metric you should be considering.

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The two most common AirBnb questions I get: How much do you make? How is COVID impacting business? Well, here you go — pure factual numbers.

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  1. How much do you make on your AirBnb?
  2. How is COVID impacting it?

How COVID-19 is impacting my short and long term rentals differently and how it’s impacting our property investment strategies.

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The Larger Picture — By the Numbers

September 2019 through February 2020 saw the lowest unemployment rate (3.5%) in the US since 1968. The economy was great, property prices up, market demand was strong. I was prepping for another lucrative AirBnb summer.


Simplest way to track how well your Real Estate investments are actually performing…

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